Chris Cain

PODCAST: Always time for Pride

Alternatives Federal holds year-round dialogue around LGBTQ issues.

June 24, 2020

While Pride Month has a different look this year due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Alternatives Federal Credit Union in Ithaca, N.Y., is maintaining its focus on strengthening community partnerships that make the LGBTQ community more financially and socially secure.

“We’re focusing on collaboration and education within the community,” says Chris Cain, chief experience officer at the $115 million asset credit union.

This year, Alternatives Federal is hosting a series of workshops and virtual webinars about its TransAction Financial Empowerment Program.

The program provides monetary assistance for members going through the gender affirmation process. But just as important, it provides education and access to other resources to support members.

As Cain says in this CUNA News Podcast episode, what’s important is having an open dialogue around LGBTQ issues 12 months a year.

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In this episode:

1:50: How Alternatives is celebrating Pride Month in 2020

4:01: How financial empowerment is the key to all that Alternatives does

4:56: Why serving the LGBTQ community is a moral imperative for Alternatives

7:10: How Alternative developed its TransAction Financial Empowerment Program

9:30: What other programs Alternatives has that serve disenfranchised communities

13:14: Why community outreach that makes a true difference requires taking on some risk

14:37: Why the “credit journey” is so important for disenfranchised communities