Video honors 2020 Credit Union Hero of the Year

Video honors 2020 Credit Union Hero of the Year

Peers and colleagues recognize Margaret Delmonico for her achievement.

June 29, 2020

As Credit Union Magazine's 2020 Credit Union Hero of the Year, Margaret Delmonico has always found purpose in helping members achieve their goals. In a video honoring Delmonico's remarkable career and accomplishments, the retired director of public relations at PSECU in Harrisburg, Pa., highlights the value of good leadership, the power of hearing member stories, and the importance of recognizing essential credit union workers in times of crisis.

"Thank you to all of you who are working," Delmonico says. "If ever there was a time where it was appropriate that this would be a shared award, it is now. You are those credit union heroes, making sure that you are taking care of your membership. I am proud to be in your company."

During her 41-year career at PSECU, Delmonico saw the cooperative principles at work each day through the dedication of her colleagues. "When you think about 'people helping people' and our unique structure of being a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we can do so many wonderful things for our membership and for our community," she says.

The video also features congratulatory messages from:

  • Shanon McLachlan, president of Symitar, the sponsor of the 2020 Credit Union Hero program.
  • George Rudolph, president/CEO at PSECU.
  • Barb Bowker, vice president of marketing and membership development at PSECU.
  • Patrick Conway, president/CEO at CrossState Credit Union Association.

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