10-Minute Mentorship: Jim Nussle

10-Minute Mentorship: Jim Nussle

Antonio Neves discusses leadership with CUNA President/CEO.

July 14, 2020

CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle knows firsthand that the goals you thought you were working toward can change almost overnight. Going into 2020, the credit union movement was "humming on all cylinders," Nussle says. Then, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began.

"We had to completely change our strategic plan and our thought pattern about what goals were important and what we were aspiring to build as a team," Nussle recalls. To respond effectively to a volatile situation, Nussle recommends thinking in terms of horizons. "The first horizon is what you're doing today," he says. "The second one is what's around the corner. The third one is what the future needs to be."

Nussle joins nationally recognized speaker, author, coach, and 2020 Governmental Affairs Conference emcee Antonio Neves to discuss leadership, networking, goal-setting, and more in the new video series "10-Minute Mentorship," sponsored by CUNA Mutual Group. On the show, Neves interviews credit union leaders about career development topics.

Being a good leader in times of crisis means getting the whole team involved in planning the solution, Nussle says. "The team has to be there to help you build it, to own it, to collaborate with you, to construct it—and if they do that, they'll be there to help you execute it and achieve it."

Mistakes happen in every career, but they're part of the journey, he says. "I make mistakes every day," he says. "I've made probably 12 already today. You're going to make a lot—you might as well learn from them."

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