10-Minute Mentorship: Andrea Cooper

10-Minute Mentorship: Andrea Cooper

Antonio Neves discusses authenticity with CUNA Mutual Group’s director of talent management.

July 21, 2020

Andrea Cooper, director of talent management at CUNA Mutual Group, believes that getting recognized at work starts with leveraging who you are instead of taking the same steps others might follow. "Find a way to be yourself and help others see the value of who you are," she says. "It starts to build a reputation. The best way to get that recognition is to bring who you are to the front."

Emulating other successful people isn't always the right path for you, Cooper says. "I tried sometimes to be like others who were finding success, and it just felt artificial," she says. "What I have found works is when I'm myself. Be yourself and seek out opportunities to show up in that way."

Cooper joins nationally recognized speaker, author, coach, and 2020 Governmental Affairs Conference emcee Antonio Neves to discuss being authentic at work, the value of trying new things, finding a personal definition of success, and more in the new video series "10-Minute Mentorship," sponsored by CUNA Mutual Group. On the show, Neves interviews credit union leaders about career development topics.

For people leaders, using "candor with kindness" is an effective way to communicate with direct reports. "People leaders have a really powerful opportunity to be real with team members and ask pointed but caring questions," Cooper says.

Everyone has tough days in the workplace, but opening up to supportive colleagues is key for getting past difficult moments. "I can get that moment of reassurance and ground myself," she says. "Even on a bad day, it doesn't mean I'm not successful."

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