Video interview between Antonio Neves and Christian Hartley
Christian Hartley, Keesler Federal Credit Union

10-Minute Mentorship: Christian Hartley

Antonio Neves discusses the importance of gratitude with Keesler Federal branch manager.

July 17, 2020

Christian Hartley, branch manager at $3 billion asset Keesler Federal Credit Union in Biloxi, Miss., wants to correct one big career myth once and for all. "Early in my career, I was led to believe that tenure equals talent," she says. "I realized that's not the case. Oftentimes, we think you have to be at a place for 50 years in order to be successful, and that's not necessarily the case."

Hartley joins nationally recognized speaker, author, coach, and 2020 Governmental Affairs Conference emcee Antonio Neves to discuss expressing gratitude, keeping track of successes, and more in the new video series "10-Minute Mentorship," sponsored by CUNA Mutual Group. On the show, Neves interviews credit union leaders about career development topics.

She says that young professionals can set themselves up for career advancements like promotions, but for those who feel overlooked, she recommends three tips.

Reaching out to thank mentors who have helped along the way is a good place to start, she says. "When you start expressing gratitude for what you've been given, you start having a better outlook on where you currently are."

Self-development is also vital. "Pour into yourself," she says. "CUNA offers a wide variety of learning and development [resources]."

Finally, Hartley points out that it's important to keep track of successes. "Write down those things that you are proud of. For those times when you're feeling overlooked, you can go back and say, 'This is what I've accomplished.'"

As a manager, Hartley emphasizes the importance of "asking to understand" in order to get team members reengaged. "When you allow folks to have a voice and encourage them to be great, they'll exceed your expectations every time."

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