10-Minute Mentorship: Jay Singh

10-Minute Mentorship: Jay Singh

Antonio Neves discusses building your brand with Sunmark's assistant vice president of business services.

July 24, 2020

Young professionals should avoid losing sight of their personal brands as they advance in their careers, says Jay Singh, assistant vice president of business services at $740 million asset Sunmark Credit Union in Latham, N.Y. "Life takes over, you get busy with work, you get more responsibilities, and you forget to focus on yourself," he says. "If I was starting all over again, I would stay focused on building my brand."

Singh joins nationally recognized speaker, author, coach, and 2020 Governmental Affairs Conference emcee Antonio Neves to discuss personal branding, goal-setting, and more in the new video series "10-Minute Mentorship," sponsored by CUNA Mutual Group. On the show, Neves interviews credit union leaders about career development topics.

Over the years, Singh has learned that career development is important, but work doesn't define him as an individual. "My self-identity is very important," he says. "I can be a leader without a title. You impact people all around you every day."

Everyone feels overlooked at work sometimes, but Singh recommends staying focused on long-term goals in order to overcome it. "Good things will happen if you continue to work hard and smart," he says.

As a team leader, Singh keeps employees engaged by scheduling check-ins regularly. Having a mentor can also boost engagement at work, he says, particularly when your mentor is also your manager. "That's the best thing you can have," he says.

When work gets challenging, Singh suggests setting goals to stay optimistic. "It's a journey, and it takes time," he says. "You have to be patient."

Staying focused on members can also be a good motivator. "It helps me feel good that we are helping people," he says.

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