Registration open for virtual DE Training

August 12, 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create unique challenges and shape our new normal, the DE Program is transitioning to meet credit unions where they are now. This fall, for the first time, the DE Program will be available virtually. 

In 2020, the National Credit Union Foundation will be offering two virtual DE Trainings, one from Sept. 14 to Oct. 9 and one from oct. 26 to Nov. 20. Registration links for both can be found here

As the signature program of the Foundation, with a near-40-year history, the DE Program is uniquely positioned to make this first transition into a virtual learning environment.

Since the first class in 1982, the U.S. DE Program has proven to be incredibly resilient. It has been hosted across the country at universities, corporate conference centers, remote nature preserves, hotel conference rooms, and monasteries. Activities and experiences have always been shaped around each environment and offered unique learning opportunities. The virtual setting is simply a new venue that will allow us to adapt the DE experience to meet credit unions where they now.

What’s unique about the virtual DE Program? 

The virtual program will offer a mix of live and on-demand sessions completed over a four-week period. The extended training length will offer participants more opportunities to absorb and reflect on learning while also creating meaningful connections with classmates.

What remains the same? 

While the setting is changing, the mission of the DE Program, to help established and emerging leaders within the credit union movement understand and leverage credit unions’ unique business model to serve members and communities in new and better ways, is not. The new, virtual learning environment is positioned to continue to help connect people to the purpose of credit unions. During training, DEs learn how to put empathy into action in order to solve organizational, member, and community issues in new and positive ways.