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August 24, 2020

Oak Tree has been a trusted partner to credit unions across America for more than 37 years. During that time, we’ve done more than just provide the best forms and disclosures for our clients. We also share changes in compliance news and credit union trends through our newsletters. Explore our current issue for the latest insights into employee retention, leadership for CEOs, recruiting millennials, and staying compliant.

Knowledge is power

We look at how turnover within the credit union industry approached nearly 20% in 2018 and led to the loss of key individuals. Is your credit union losing brain trust, or is it meeting the challenge?

How to be a successful CEO

Every great company has a staff leading it to victory, and the one leading that organization influences the future and success of the company itself. We look at essential qualities for CEOs who want to find success for themselves, their credit unions, and their staff.

Who works at your credit union?

Millennials are the newest employees entering the ranks. This demographic will be the next generation of CEOs, so it’s important to recognize them as future credit union leaders. Consider strategies for recruiting, retaining, and growing with this demographic.

What a credit union needs to stay compliant

The financial industry is one of the most regulated markets, and it is always changing as technology and politics come into play. Stay compliant with up-to-date advice on navigating the regulatory landscape.

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