Kalil Merhib

PODCAST: Financial information innovator

Digital technology is disrupting the traditional business model in the finance ecosystem.

September 11, 2020

As with virtually every other area of the credit union, finance is increasingly driven by technology. is a leader in providing technology that drives innovation within the finance space. Its RIVIO Clearinghouse has helped support the transformation of financial information exchange in the U.S. market.

Kalil Merhib is the leader of’s sales organization. He was instrumental in leading the launch of RIVIO. In this episode, sponsored by, Merhib discusses how RIVIO facilitates the audit process at credit unions and improves the member service experience.

Digital technology is disrupting the traditional business model in the finance ecosystem, says Merhib. This agile environment requires a willingness “to learn, relearn, and unlearn” to keep in step with the shifting demands and increased complexity of data.

“You're seeing more data and metadata around the information that's being exchanged,” says Merhib. “That allows for stakeholders to make better decisions and have more insights into what's going on in their ecosystem.”

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In this episode:

2:03: The history and role has played in supporting the financial services ecosystem

3:52: Similarities between the trends that have disrupted the CPA world and the challenges or opportunities facing credit unions and other parts of the financial services ecosystem

6:33: How policy changes from the NCUA advanced the need for technology to play a greater role in ensuring compliance

8:14: How RIVO works to prevent fraud and ensure digital trust between credit unions, and its members and collaborating with third parties  

9:56: How the NCUA responded to the development of RIVIO for receiving audit report submissions

11:12: How RIVIO provides value for credit union members and improves member interactions

12:36: How technology such as RIVIO supports the evolving needs of credit unions, especially in light of the push for more virtual processes

14:00: What skills are becoming increasingly important for finance leaders

15:45: How the pandemic has affected finance leaders’ use of technology