CUNA adjusts membership dues to provide relief for credit unions

September 22, 2020

The CUNA Board of Directors recently approved a resolution to adjust 2021 affiliation dues to provide relief for credit unions. The adjusted dues will help credit unions continue to prioritize the needs of their employees, members and communities amid the current health and economic emergency.

“As communities across the country address the costs associations with the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be more crucial than ever for credit unions to have access to the tools and solutions that help them fulfil; their people-helping-people mission,” said CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle. “This move will allow CUNA and the Leagues to continue advocating for your priorities while providing credit unions additional flexibility to deliver for their members and communities. The credit union difference is undeniable, and our current operating environment makes it all the more imperative that we continue to reinforce that difference to lawmakers facing very difficult decisions.”

Across the country, state and local governments are bracing for budget shortfalls next year due to reduced revenues created by the pandemic and associated safety measures. As these government entities look to fill this budgetary shortfall, CUNA and the Leagues will continue to deliver the award-winning 360-degree advocacy that has long preserved the credit union tax status.

As credit unions continue to help their members navigate the tumultuous economic environment, CUNA and the Leagues will continue to provide the compliance resources, economic insights and operational support that make the credit union difference possible.

“This has certainly been a challenging year, and credit unions have absolutely earned their title as financial first responders,” Nussle added. “While we will continue to face these tough challengers next year, I look forward to us working collaboratively to overcome them.”

CUNA’s continued engagement with credit unions throughout the pandemic has shown that the economic impacts vary widely. For credit unions that are well-positioned financially, CUNA is encouraging those members to consider supporting the movement in other ways. Credit unions can expect to receive more information from CUNA and their Leagues detailing the specifics of their 2021 dues this fall.