Zach Winegar

In-house talent

Zach Winegar brings an agency perspective to America First Credit Union’s marketing and branding efforts.

September 25, 2020

Zach Winegar started his career as a graphic designer, working in design, film production, branding, and marketing strategy.

In 2009 he co-founded a full-service advertising agency called Mighty Clever. One of its first clients was $12 billion asset America First Credit Union in Ogden, Utah.

Impressed by his work, ranging from advertising campaigns to internal films and communications, the credit union’s chief strategic engagement officer,

Zach Winegar

Click to enlarge. Zach Winegar (left) displays mad pumpkin carving skills.

Tammy Gallegos, offered Winegar a full-time position in 2014. Today he is vice president of marketing and member engagement.

“It was a difficult decision to leave my agency, but it felt like the right move to make,” says Winegar. “I could see a tremendous opportunity for my own professional and personal growth, and to make an impact on America First’s brand and marketing efforts.”

Winegar transformed the marketing department into a strategic in-house advertising and marketing agency. It handles all marketing and brand development through strategic planning and analysis, creative production, targeted deployment, and member and community engagement.

“This allows us to be in complete control of our brand, to be more nimble when adapting to changing market conditions, and to execute a greater volume of work and content for less cost to the credit union,” he says.

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Winegar may also be the only person from the credit union movement known for his spectacular pumpkin-sculpting skills. Every fall he carves or sculpts the largest pumpkin grown in the state (in 2017 it weighed 1,974 pounds). This has become a popular and fun tradition for Winegar, the credit union, and the community.

“Zach always sees amazing possibilities in new ideas, technologies, and people,” Gallegos says. “Because of this, he has taken our marketing efforts to places we didn’t even know they could go. He always has an innate feel for what’s ahead—for the digital and social media spaces that fill the horizon, and how we can harmonize them with our traditional channels and collective talents.”

Winegar is always looking to the future. “I am excited for many of our ‘digital-first’ initiatives that will make our products and services easier to access and simpler to use,” he says. “Another top priority is engaging our members and community in more meaningful and relevant ways.

“I look forward to challenges we can’t even imagine yet, and to the ways our remarkable staff will come together, innovate, and find the right solutions.”

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