CUNA launches ad blitz backing 4 incumbent Senators

September 24, 2020

CUNA and Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC), its federal PAC, launched its first round of general election advertising this week in support of four incumbent U.S. Senators.

CULAC and CUNA have been the political backbone for credit unions for over 40 years, engaging in strategic member communications and independent expenditures (IEs) for nine election cycles.  

“We are strategically supporting credit union champions, regardless of their political affiliation. Champions who understand credit unions’ role in advancing their local communities, and who support policies that help credit unions better serve their millions of members,” said Trey Hawkins, CUNA deputy chief advocacy officer for political action. 

 The supported candidates are:

  • In the Maine Senate race, CULAC has launched digital advertising and direct mail supporting Sen. Susan Collins (R). 
  • In the Montana Senate race, CULAC has produced an IE in support of Sen. Steve Daines (R), comprised of direct mail and digital video ads
  • In the Michigan Senate race, CULAC has created digital video ads and direct mail IEs in support of Sen. Gary Peters (D)
  • In the Minnesota Senate race, CUNA is targeting credit union member households with direct mail and digital ads to support Sen. Tina Smith (D).

“Unlike most outside advertising, our messaging is entirely positive in nature, which helps us cut through the clutter of negative ads and is ultimately more helpful to the candidates we are trying to help,” Hawkins added.  

These efforts are part of a $7 million investment by CUNA, CULAC, and the state credit union leagues to support over 350 congressional candidates in the 2020 election cycle.

CUNA also launched Credit Unions Vote earlier this year. Credit Unions Vote is focused on getting the nation’s 120 million credit union members to vote in the November elections. Recent data indicates that 1 in 3 Americans are credit union members and 44% of registered voters belong to a credit union.   

The ads were covered in Roll Call, The Hill, Politico and Morning Money.