Credit Union Rock Star Tiffany Black of Members Choice Credit Union in Ashland, Ky.

Meet 2020 Credit Union Rock Stars

Program recognizes outstanding professionals and volunteers.

September 28, 2020

Thirty-nine credit union professionals and volunteers have been named as 2020 Credit Union Rock Stars by Credit Union Magazine.

The Credit Union Rock Stars program, sponsored by Fiserv, recognizes outstanding credit union professionals and volunteers from a wide range of disciplines who use their unique strengths to advance the mission of their credit unions. This year's winners, representing 27 states, were selected for their exceptional creativity, innovation, and passion.

"We've been witnessing firsthand the impact that credit union employees are making during the coronavirus pandemic," says Ann Hayes Peterson, vice president of publishing at CUNA and editor-in-chief of Credit Union Magazine. "This year's class of Credit Union Rock Stars elevates their commitment and compassion to members, community, and their own staff during this trying year."

“Truly, I don’t think there could be a better time to be a part of the credit union movement than these past six months,” says Theo Curey, president of Credit Union Solutions at Fiserv. “There have been easier times for all of us, but few that have so magnified the spirit of comradery and service that are at the center of this industry. This year’s class of Rock Stars has a lot to do with that.”

This year's Credit Union Rock Stars are profiled in a special issue of Credit Union Magazine. And, later in October, look for new episodes of the CUNA News Podcast featuring some of this year's Credit Union Rock Stars. Listen and subscribe in Apple's iTunes Store, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher Radio.

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Meet the 2020 Credit Union Rock Stars