TRACED Act commenters support call blocking notification

September 30, 2020

Commenters on the TRACED Act widely support CUNA’s call for a notification requirement whenever a call is blocked by a voice provider, CUNA and other organizations wrote in reply comments to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Wednesday. CUNA and  other associations initially submitted comments to the FCC August 31,  and these latest comments, filed Tuesday evening, are in response to a review of all the comments initially filed with the FCC for this rulemaking. 

The TRACED Act requires the FCC to ensure robocall blocking services are provided to consumers with transparent and effective redress options for callers whose calls are erroneously blocked.

The reply comments note:

  • A wide range of commenters support establishing a per-call, real-time notification requirement, and commenters noted this is required to fully implement the TRACED Act’s requirement for transparent and effective redress;
  • The FCC’s record demonstrates the need for prompt and effective redress deadlines to quickly alleviate potential consumer harms;
  • The same notification and redress must be available for erroneous adverse labeling as well, since consumers are unlikely to pick up calls mistakenly labeled as “spam.”

The reply comments also note that objections to the notifications lack merit.

CUNA and the organizations note that while there is substantial evidence the notification is needed, no voice service providers have provided evidence that the notification would be burdensome and there is no evidence that call blocking notifications would increase unlawful behavior, despite comments to the contrary.

Additional details on the reply comments can be found on CUNA’s Removing Barriers Blog.