A Salute to Veterans

Saluting veterans

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October 18, 2021



In honor of Veterans Day, CUNA News wants to share stories of people in the credit union movement who have served in the military and how those experiences have shaped their credit union careers.

People like Phillip von Streicher.

While serving in the U.S. Army, von Streicher was stationed in Berlin, Germany, with the Berlin Brigade during the Cold War. Among the tasks he performed was guard duty at Spandau Prison in western Berlin where Nazi war criminals were sentenced to imprisonment after the Nuremberg Trials.

"We were living behind the Berlin Wall in a metropolitan city, but there were also British and French forces there," von Streicher, vice president of overseas operations for $4.9 billion asset Service Credit Union in Portsmouth, N.H., told CUNA News for its 2020 Salute to Veterans. "And of course on the other side of the wall there were Soviet forces. I was living in a city where history was being made."

CUNA News is working on several profiles of credit union employees who are veterans for the 2021 Salute to Veterans, which is sponsored by FIS. But we know there are many more people out there who have served their country and are now serving credit union members.

We’re asking military veterans to tell us their stories about their military experience, what they learned from it, and how their experience has influenced them and their credit union career.

Using the form below, please tell us about your military experience, what you learned from it, and how your experience has influenced you and your credit union career. Tell us your story through words, photographs, or even video of you talking about your military service.

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