Ryan Housefield & Tony Rizzo
Ryan Housefield (left) and Tony Rizzo

PODCAST: The data difference

Marquis helps credit unions use data to stay ‘local and focused.’ 

November 5, 2020

While the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has shifted credit unions’ focus from in-person to digital channels, the truly successful credit unions are those that help members smoothly transition from one channel to the other, picking up financial conversations right where they left off from their last visit.

What ties those channels together? Data. Marquis helps credit unions use data to make those conversations with members meaningful, productive, and more efficient. 

In this podcast, sponsored by Marquis, Tony Rizzo, chief marketing and creative officer for Marquis, and Ryan Housefield, senior vice president of sales, describe how credit unions that use data on the front lines can provide the engagement tools employees need to drive sales and decision-making while improving the bottom line.

As Rizzo says in this interview, the best way for credit unions to compete with big banks is to stay focused and local. Data integration is the best way to do that.

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In this episode:

1:30: Integrating digital services and marketing

4:00: CRMs and the universal teller

5:00: Marketing automation trends and best practices  

8:26: Keeping the front line informed on member messaging

9:54: Where data is going in the next three to five years

11:18: How credit unions retain relationships where fintechs can't compete

14:24: The strategic benefits of a marketing resource management system

17:15: What's trending: Acquisition or deepening existing relationships? 

18:00: How contact center reps can improve the member experience

19:45: Flush with deposits, how credit unions can create more loan opportunities