Lawrence Hoover

Lawrence Hoover

Personal account manager, Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

November 6, 2020

I first decided that I wanted to serve when I was a freshman in high school. I decided to challenge myself by enlisting in the Marine Corps so that I could be the best of the best. I was enlisted for eight years and was honorably discharged after an ankle reconstruction surgery.

I learned so much in the almost decade I spent doing a job that I loved from day one. The first four years of active duty I spent as a marksmanship coach/trainer, teaching Marines how to shoot rifles and pistols. The second four years was spent as a field radio operator and I spent the majority of that time out in the field. Nothing will ever substitute the family and brotherhood I have with those I served with and for that I am most proud.

My military service has benefited me in many ways, but the two ways that stand out and have proven to be beneficial in my role at Alaska USA Federal Credit Union are time management and organized logistical management of resources.

I would like to spread awareness for the servicemembers of all branches that we lose everyday to their own battles. Twenty-two veterans a day is not acceptable, and recognition and awareness needs to be spread about that.

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