Angel Ramirez

Business banking officer, SAFE Credit Union

November 9, 2020

Unlike most little girls who grew up wanting to be a ballerina or veterinarian, I wanted to be a firefighter or police officer. I always knew a job in civil service was where I was headed.

I grew up in a family dedicated to serving the nation and their communities. My paternal grandfather was a retired Navy man who became a lawyer. My maternal grandfather was  military police for the U.S. Air Force and later became a police office. My father was a smoke jumper in California.

When I became an adult, life led me into starting a family at a young age, so when I joined the military, I was already 26. I had always wanted to serve my country and make my family and children proud. I originally wanted to join as military police like my grandfather did, but during the time I signed on, that role would have required I be deployed, and I couldn’t bear to leave my children motherless if something happened.

I joined the U.S. Air Force as a logistics officer and supported the military police by inspecting their cargo for any hidden explosives as they left for deployments or returned. The amount of responsibility and training that went into this role taught me so many sills that I now apply in my civilian life.

My military experience has benefited my career in so many ways. In the military you are molded to master teamwork, adaptability, superior decision-making skills, resourcefulness, persistence, extreme discipline, and attention to detail, all of which I use daily as a business banking officer at SAFE Credit Union.

In addition, the passion and enthusiasm to serve the community, which are necessary in the military, translate to a profound responsibility to help small businesses thrive and grow with the help of myself and the entire SAFE Credit Union team.

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