Illinois Credit Union System partners with GreenPath

November 24, 2020

The Illinois Credit Union System (ICUS) is partnering with GreenPath to support Illinois credit unions in promoting financially healthy members. GreenPath, a national non-profit focused on financial wellness,  provides guidance through financial challenges.

The partnership between ICUS and GreenPath creates the opportunity for Illinois credit unions to offer members vital financial counseling services or enhance their current consulting offerings through a quality resource that aligns with the credit union movement.

For nearly 60 years, the GreenPath team has guided people through financial challenges with credit counseling, debt management and personal finance education.

Credit unions who work with this organization are able to refer members for support and material resources. Hundreds of thousands of people have been improving their financial health each year through these services that empower them to take control of their finances.

The ICUS teams, including both the Illinois Credit Union League and LSC, are excited about this partnership and how it will give credit unions the opportunity to strengthen the financial wellness of their members.

“The Illinois Credit Union System’s partnership with GreenPath is in line with our goal to provide solutions to improve the financial health of members,” says Tom Kane, President and CEO of the Illinois Credit Union System. “All credit unions  can now offer or expand their financial counseling services to address member financial goals and challenges.”

Libby Calderone, President of LSC, also weighs in on the benefits of this partnership saying, “GreenPath is a respected organization with a long history of empowering individuals to take control of their finances. I look forward to working with the GreenPath team to provide credit unions with quality financial resources to share with their members. Credit unions stand out when they help members find practical solutions to their financial goals.”

GreenPath’s strength is in understanding people and their financial goals and challenges. This creates positive relationships with their partners and individual clients.

“It’s my firm belief that financial wellness is a cornerstone for pursuing dreams,” said Kristen Holt, president of GreenPath. Through our partnerships, GreenPath helps those dreams become reality on a much broader scale. I look forward to the impact this partnership with ICUS will have towards increasing access to financial wellness.”