Brandi Stankovic

Be a resilient leader: 8 steps

Amplify support, write down and share your goals, and help others.

December 18, 2020

During the CUNA Resilient Leadership Virtual School, Brandi Stankovic, chief strategy officer at CU Solutions Group, offered a personal leadership list for navigating 2021:

1. Eliminate voices.

We often feed ourselves negative thoughts. Pay them no mind, Stankovic advises.

“Look at what we’ve accomplished in 2020,” she says. “If you’re a CEO, look at how many people whose lives are in your hands—yours as well as your staff. Think about the teams and the families you lead, and how much you accomplished this year despite everything that has occurred.”

2. Amplify support.

Seek out and become “friendtors”—friends who double as mentors—to champion peers and colleagues.

3. Be objective, specific, and measurable.

Employ the same standards to personal leadership as you would to performance objectives.

For example, “improve communication” is a common goal, but it should include an action plan.

‘The more we feel accountable, the more likely we are to accomplish our goals.’
Brandi Stankovic

4. Consider priorities and contingencies.

As 2020 showed everyone, you’ll need to revisit and reframe annual goals throughout the year.

“Think about contingencies as well as your overall goals,” Stankovic says.

5. Celebrate small wins.

It’s common to celebrate reaching incremental goals for big projects such as system conversions. Why not do the same for personal goals?

“This keeps our momentum moving forward,” she says. “It keeps our eyes on the prize.”

6. Write down your goals.

As you would with business plans and organizational and departmental goals, create the same framework for your personal and leadership goals.

7. Share goals with others.

“The more we feel accountable, the more likely we are to accomplish our goals,” Stankovic says.

8. Help others.

Find others who need your assistance where you can apply your strengths.

Chances are, those you help will be glad to share their skills with you as well. A good place to start is connect with conference attendees via email.

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