CUNA announces new Agile Marketing eSchool

December 21, 2020

CUNA announces its new CUNA Agile Marketing eSchool to guide credit union marketers on methods to grow their credit unions with nimble and effective teams.

“Agile, in the marketing environment, means using data and analytics to continuously source promising possibilities, or solutions to issues, in real time, while quickly reacting to the results,” said Ariel Bilskey, director of blended learning at CUNA. “By adopting agile methodology, marketing teams will improve their speed, predictability, transparency and adaptability to change.”

Presenter Jim Ewel was the co-organizer of the first gathering of Agile Marketers, called SprintZero, in June 2012. The first 100 registered attendees will receive a complimentary digital copy of his book, “The 6 Disciplines of Agile Marketing: Proven Practices for More Effective Marketing and Better Business Results.”

The four-session eSchool will take place February 3-24, 2021. For more information, visit .