A Salute to Veterans 2020

ICYMI: Stories of service

Veterans share how their military experience influenced their credit union careers.

December 29, 2020

In November we launched our second annual “Stories of Service” campaign, sponsored by FIS.

This special online feature highlights veterans who work in the credit union industry, and how their service influenced their credit union careers. We also asked readers to share their military experiences.

Here are their stories:

• Connecting through the post. Adriene Duncan took lessons of teamwork, family, and motivation from the Air Force and put them into action at 1st Advantage Federal Credit Union.

• A front-row seat to history. Philip von Streicher served in Berlin during the Cold War.

• Proving recruiters wrong.Terry Williams found a calling in logistics with the Marine Corps.

A childhood dream come true. Craig Yohe knew from a young age he wanted to be a Marine.

• Military service wasn’t in the plan. Air Force teaches Tonita Webb ‘how to think on my feet and in my fear.’

• Eyes on the skies. Alan Bergstrom monitored intelligence for the U.S. Air Force.

• Gaining a ‘mission accomplishment’ mentality. Eddie Antoniewicz learned the importance of accountability in the Marines.

• Service for travel and adventure. U.S. Navy allowed Carl Windom to see the world.

• Stories from our readers.

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