CUNA's Jim Nussle responds to violence at U.S. Capitol

January 6, 2021

CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle issued the following statement in response to violence at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday. 

“As I watch the assault on the U.S. Capitol unfold, I am first reminded of the oath of office that I once took and to my commitment to the Constitution and the principles which underpin our democracy. What we are witnessing is outrageous, without precedent, and runs counter to our values as Americans."

“Our democracy is facing a crucial test – one that is a culmination of the increasingly polarizing and divisive political environment and one that simultaneously demands we reconcile who we, as Americans, have become with who we should be. 

“I am confident that the foundation of our democracy is strong, having withstood multiple tests to our national character. This moment cannot be lost on us and presents an opportunity for us to do better and be better.”