Antonio Neves

PODCAST: Discover ‘the best thing’

While moments aren’t always resume-worthy, they may have a big impact on your life.

February 10, 2021

The most impactful moments don’t always appear on a resume or LinkedIn profile.

“Sometimes the best things that happen to people to improve their life and to help them make great decisions are those things you would never hear about unless you are willing to deeply ask and get curious,” says Antonio Neves, speaker, author, and host of “The Best Thing” podcast.

Neves will be the emcee at the 2021 CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference, which will be held virtually March 2-4.


Neves has his own “best thing” moment.

The summer after his freshman year in college, Neves returned to his hometown in Michigan and worked a second-shift factory job packing boxes in hot conditions. It’s a job that doesn’t show up on Neves’ resume, but it taught him an important lesson.

“I appreciated the work and saw how hard those men and women at this factory worked every single day,” Neves says. “It also showed me I wanted to do something a little different in my life.”

It also made him appreciate his education more and opened his eyes to the opportunities he had.

This mindset of commitment and discovering impactful ideas can apply to credit unions as well, Neves says. Often the ideas that can transform a credit union are written in a notebook or saved in a document on the computer. Neves urges people to act on these ideas instead of letting them sit untouched.

“If we believe the best thing is ahead of us as opposed to behind us, we get the opportunity to create that every day,” Neves says. “We get to create the best things to happen to us.”

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In this episode:

1:48: The upcoming GAC

4:18: Living on autopilot

6:40: Discovering "the best thing" moments

8:15: Neves' own "best thing" moment

10:21: The best is still ahead of us

11:04: Have courage to take action on ideas