Planning amidst a whirlwind of change

CUNA announces new Board Accelerator Conference

February 3, 2021

CUNA announced today the new Board Accelerator Virtual Conference, set for April 6-8. This event is designed for experienced board members who are looking for a concise update on board-related hot topics and current events in the economy and the financial services industry.

“It's challenging to keep up with numerous and complex factors that influence the industry,” said Kienan Shaw, instructional design manager for CUNA. “Board members bring great backgrounds and expertise to their credit unions, but the landscape is continuously changing. With the addition of insights about current events from this virtual event, they can broaden their understanding and deepen their governance impact.”

Board members looking to build on their expertise should attend this conference to make sure they are in the loop on everything going on in the industry. Attendees can network with their board peers and take away thoughtful, rational and well-vetted ideas that they can consider for their own shop.

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