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PODCAST: Data-driven solutions

Grow through the power of business intelligence.

February 4, 2021

As members’ interactions with their credit unions become more digital, their engagement creates a legacy of data that can be collected and analyzed to improve business performance.

In this podcast, sponsored by Trellance, Kaushal Pandya, senior vice president of data management and chief data officer at Trellance, explains how credit unions can develop the tools to catalog and maintain their own data management programs.

As Pandya says in this interview, data management competency is a blend of people, technology, and process. Trellance works with credit unions to ensure each of those elements is integrated smoothly into an organization’s data management system.

With the right practices and principles, virtually every credit union can maintain a quality data management platform, paving the way for better member engagement and product and service growth.

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In this episode:

1:56: Why data quality is important

10:35: What those opportunities mean for the member experience

5:58: The difference between prescriptive and predictive analytics

8:20: What tools credit union need to maintain quality data

9:19: How to establish trustworthy data

12:23 The importance of compliance and data

13:28: Additional resources