Jayne Hitman and Paul Robert

PODCAST: Changing service culture

Pandemic-driven consumer expectations create new challenges.

February 5, 2021

For credit unions, the member experience has been virtually redefined since the onset of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Member expectations have shifted as safety and ease of use redefine the consumer landscape.

This raises two questions for credit unions, according to Jayne Hitman, national program manager for Creating Member Loyalty (CML), a development strategy program from CUNA focused on increasing employee engagement and the member experience.

First, how do credit unions anticipate these changing dynamics among their members and prospective members?

Second, what changes should credit unions make to meet these expectations and to deliver consistently great experiences across all their delivery channels?

Additionally, assessing member satisfaction must also evolve, according to Paul Robert, CEO of FI Strategies, a strategic partner of CML. Measuring ease of use is at least half the equation in this new landscape, Robert says.

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In this episode:

1:56: New opportunities

7:00: A working example of an improved consumer member experience

10:35: What new opportunities mean for the member experience

17:40 How Chick-fil-A does it

19:18: What changes are needed at the strategic level