CU Awareness announces Coopera as strategic partner to expand campaign

March 5, 2021

Coopera, a CUNA Exclusive Alliance Partner, was chosen as the newest partner of Credit Union Awareness LLC and the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® campaign. This strategic collaboration with Coopera helps expand the Open Your Eyes campaign to one of the largest, fastest-growing, youngest and most underserved communities in the US – Latinx. Coopera is the only emerging-markets company in the credit union industry with an exclusive focus on the Hispanic member.

“Our partnership with Coopera will not only expand how credit unions utilize the customizable Open Your Eyes campaign marketing assets but extend their individual opportunities to serve more members across a diverse and growing community. Coopera will help enrich the paid digital campaign strategy to better reach and increase credit union consumer consideration among Spanish speaking audiences. This is the perfect next step in the campaign’s evolution and growth.”

DEI is now an essential conversation about being relevant for any industry. This collaboration is an example of all the ways in which the credit union space is building tools so that it’s a space where diversity leads to inclusion and belonging. This partnership provides tools so that credit unions find new ways to communicate and resonate culturally in underrepresented communities, which usually are financially underserved.

“I have been truly fortunate to devote 25 years of my professional life to support, believe and be a witness to all the extraordinary feats that our cooperative business model allows us to do.” said Victor Miguel Corro, CEO of Coopera and first Chair of the CU DEI Collective. “Though US credit unions have made great strides in providing access to financial services to more than 120 million people, as a movement, we have work to do to reflect the growing diversity of people in our country. I am interested in calling people in to build a US credit union space that supports the notion that all are welcome, and all belong, and everyone needs to be included. Our mission will not be fulfilled until we find a way to provide financial services to all. Relentlessly.”

This partnership helps to further the Credit Union Awareness mission to expand the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign® in an effort to increase credit union awareness and consideration in the minds of all consumers. Coopera’s work increases membership, grows revenue, and boosts loan volume for their clients by providing culturally relevant financial products and services designed specifically for the needs of Latinx consumers. Since its inception more than 10 years ago, Coopera has helped reach and serve more than 1 million Latinx consumers.