ICYMI: Women’s History Month

We feature some of the movement’s talented female leaders and how they approach their roles.

April 13, 2021

Each March, Women’s History Month celebrates women’s contributions and achievements in all walks of life.

In case you missed it, we recognized some of the credit union movement’s talented female leaders in honor of this year’s Women’s History Month.

A numerical bent

As a girl, Tracey Jackson defied stereotypes and unabashedly loved math. Her numerical bent eventually led to a credit union career, a master’s degree in finance, and, most recently, the chief financial officer CFO) position at $650 million asset Resource One Credit Union in Dallas.

But it’s her talent for multiplication—passing on the type of career help she has benefitted from to dozens of others—that underpins Jackson’s management philosophy.

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Large-scale leadership

As CEO of $1.4 billion asset Blue Federal Credit Union, Cheyenne, Wyo., Stephanie Teubner is a member of a small club.

“I know most of the women who are CEOs of credit unions over $1 billion in assets,” she says.

While women hold the top spot at more than 50% of credit unions, the ranks thin considerably as asset size grows.

One of the best paths to large-scale leadership, Teubner believes, is starting at small organizations and working up in size.

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‘Dig in and do the work’

If Amy Nelson, president/CEO of $103 million asset Point West Credit Union, Portland, Ore., could offer her younger self some advice, it would be this: “Don’t waste time worrying if you are good enough, just dig in and do the work.”

It’s the counsel she offers others, too.

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