New eSchool teaches credit unions how, why to implement DEI

April 28, 2021

Learn how a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strengthens credit unions, what emerging best practices look like and what resources exist to support your DEI journey by attending CUNA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion eSchool Part 2 in May.

“DEI is one of the biggest tools credit unions can leverage for growth in an increasingly diverse market,” said Samira Salem, vice president of diversity, equity & inclusion at CUNA. “Ultimately, we must be ready to show policymakers what credit unions are doing with the powers they currently have to fulfill their mission to deepen financial equity and inclusion, and advance financial well-being for all.”

The three-session eSchool is free to CUNA members. Attendees will learn how and why to implement DEI practices to best serve the people who interact with their credit union.