Chris Lorence

Lorence: CU growth begins with consumer journey

May 14, 2021

The Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® campaign has reached billions of consumers who are “in-market” for a financial service, Credit Union Awareness Executive Director Chris Lorence wrote recently in Credit Union Times.

“The campaign is achieving what’s only been talked about for years – elevating the credit union brand and opening consumers’ eyes to credit unions. As the consumer’s journey changes, so does our campaign,” Lorence wrote. “We are always innovating, offering new tools and features to connect credit unions more directly to consumers who have engaged with the campaign.”

The campaign paused for 62 days during the pandemic last year, and Lorence said they used the opportunity to recalibrate the approach.

“We listened to consumers’ needs and recalibrated our approach to better align with consumers’ realities. We added even more diverse imagery and focused messaging on the credit union difference in times of adversity,” he wrote. “We also created and deployed more campaign features and benefits to help contributing credit unions bridge the gap between consumer interest and the ultimate in consideration, an opportunity for membership.”

Lorence also said the campaign has learned several things that will inform it going forward:

  • Consumer engagement is the barometer for determining the impact of messaging and imagery.
  • Active engagement from credit unions is essential to move the needle.
  • Long-term sustainable change requires diligence, persistence and collaboration.
  • Now more than ever, consumers have more financial choices and more alternatives to traditional banking models.