Christine Cashen
Speaker/author Christine Cashen holds a copy of her book, "The Good Stuff."

Go from tired to inspired: 6 steps

Don’t wait for the world to be normal, humorist tells finance leaders.

May 21, 2021

The stress of the pandemic has taken its toll on many of us, sapping our energy and stealing our inspiration, says Christine Cashen, humorist, author, and speaker.

Cashen, who addressed the 2021 CUNA Finance Council Virtual Conference Thursday, offers six steps to move from tired to inspired:

1. Wean from the screen.

Bookend your day—no phone for the first and last 30 minutes of your day.

And when you go to bed, stop scrolling or checking email, and put your mobile phone away, she says. Even better, remove your phone from the bedroom.

“You know you have a problem if you’ve ever dropped your phone on your face,” Cashen says. “Give your phone a nap; it works hard.”

2. Create a force field around your energy.

Protect your energy by avoiding negative news and social media posts.

Put negative people in a “time out” by unfollowing or unfriending them on social media, and take it upon yourself to post only positive comments.

“Not everyone needs your opinion,” Cashen says. “Be a fountain, not a drain.”

3. Dispose and compose.

Write your biggest worries on a piece of paper—dispose them from your head—and cross out those over which you have no control.

Address those you can control or let them go.

4. Take the 10-coin challenge.

Show appreciation to those around you. Put 10 coins in one pocket, and each time you express appreciation to someone, move a coin to a different pocket.

The goal is to move all the coins by day’s end. “What we say means so much,” Cashen says. “There’s a gift in the lift: when you lift others, you feel better.”

5. Make up stories about your “peevers.”

Everyone has a pet peeve—bad drivers, long lines. But instead of complaining, make up stories about why people act certain ways.

“It feels so much better than criticizing,” Cashen says. “People don’t need your anger, criticism, and judgment; they need your love and support. Give grace, get grace.”

6. Lighten up.

Find small ways to laugh and have fun every day, says Cashen, demonstrating her banana Bluetooth phone.

“Don’t wait for the world to be normal,” she says. “Create your own normal and manage your life. The tools are available—we just have to use them.”

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