Kaci Kamaloski
Kaci Kamaloski, Filer Credit Union

Expanding knowledge

Kaci Kamaloski named CUNA Finance Council Mentee of the Year.

May 26, 2021

When the vice president of finance left Filer Credit Union, Kaci Kamaloski was eager to deepen her knowledge in finance and investments.

To accomplish that goal, Kamaloski turned to the CUNA Finance Council’s Mentorship Match Program.

Kamaloski, chief financial officer (CFO) at the $200 million asset credit union in Manistee, Mich., was named the CUNA Finance Council’s 2021 Mentee of the Year. The award recognizes achievement in developing a successful mentoring relationship that brings positive change in the partnering credit union.

Individuals must participate in the CUNA Finance Council’s two-year Mentorship Match Program. 

Kamaloski partnered with Justin Mouzoukos, CFO at $832 million asset Mazuma Credit Union in Overland Park, Kan.

Working with Mouzoukos allowed Kamaloski to broaden her knowledge of financial management, reporting, audit, asset/liability management, loan analysis, strategic planning, product development, and cost management.

“One of my first lessons was on the simple but vital task of determining the goals I wanted to accomplish with the program,” Kamaloski says. “Justin helped me focus effectively on strategic items and how to prioritize them, rather than getting bogged down with day-to-day tasks. Through these and other improvements, I was able to justify adding another person to my department.”

‘One of my first lessons was on the simple but vital task of determining the goals I wanted to accomplish with the program.’
Kaci Kamaloski

Mouzoukos says Kamaloski was an enthusiastic mentee who wanted to learn.

“Kaci was very inquisitive and eager to expand her knowledge of finance and investments,” he says. “She was not afraid to move forward with new ideas and strategies for her credit union.”

Mouzoukos believes firmly in collaboration and carrying out credit unions’ “people helping people” philosophy. 

“For an organization to be successful, it must inspire and nurture employees to achieve their capabilities,” he says. “Sharing experiences through mentorship programs is a perfect way to do that.”

CUNA Finance Council

As a result of her involvement in the Mentorship Match Program, Kamaloski’s team is working better together than ever before.

“I am feeling a lot more confident in what I am accomplishing,” she adds. 

Kamaloski also recommends the CUNA Training Bundle, through which she earned her Certified Credit Union Investment Professional (CCUIP) designation. The bundle has also allowed other employees to earn certifications and continue to develop.

“It is exciting to expand our depth of knowledge and strengthen our team, knowing we will contribute to the growth of our credit union in impactful ways,” Kamaloski says.