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CUNA Strategic Services Announces Relationship with Zest AI to Support AI-Driven Lending

June 9, 2021

CUNA Strategic Services has selected its newest alliance provider, Zest AI, a leader in software for credit underwriting. The collaboration will allow credit unions turnkey access to Zest software to make advanced underwriting streamlined, member-friendly and fast.

“Zest software’s ability to leverage machine learning (ML) to expand credit safely and efficiently is a huge benefit to credit unions across the country,” said Barb Lowman, President, CUNA Strategic Services.  “We’re excited to bring on Zest as our newest strategic alliance partner.”

“We are honored that CSS has selected Zest as the preferred ML underwriting provider for credit unions,” said Jose Valentin, head of corporate development at Zest AI. “We believe deeply in the credit union mission and opening up greater opportunities to the communities that credit unions are dedicated to serving.”

Zest software helps credit unions go beyond the statistical and data limitations of traditional credit scores to identify more good borrowers and fewer bad ones. Credit unions that lend with Zest software have seen, on average, a 20% increase in approval rates with no added risk by using more of their own data and the advanced math of machine learning (ML). 

By delivering a far more accurate risk prediction, Zest-built models allow credit unions to be more consistent and efficient in the delivery of credit products and services, driving far higher levels of automation. And Zest’s patented fair lending tools, which automate the search for less discriminatory lending models, help credit unions deliver on their mission to maximize fairness and inclusivity.

For more information, visit Zest AI’s provider page.