CUNA Strategic Services announces alliance with CNote

July 12, 2021

CUNA Strategic Services (CSS) announces a new alliance provider, CNote, to bring CUNA member credit unions a flow of new socially conscious deposits that are long-term, flexible and community-focused. Capital commitments will promote diversity and inclusion by prioritizing mission-driven credit unions that have the greatest capital needs, enabling them to expand lending, credit building and other support and educational services to members. 

“Credit unions have been community-first leaders for years. Our work with CNote and its diverse base of corporate impact investors means that credit unions can dramatically expand their economic mobility work and gain access, for free, to a new base of impact-first deposits,” said Barb Lowman, president, CUNA Strategic Services. “This new alliance with CNote will create greater financial inclusion across the country that far surpasses any monetary value – it’s just the right thing to do for our movement.”

CNote, a women-led social enterprise and impact investment platform, helps socially conscious institutional and corporate investors, including PayPal and Mastercard, move capital into underserved communities. Corporations have made significant commitments to support underserved communities in response to the growing movement for racial justice. But knowing when and where to deploy capital can be a challenge and has resulted in some community organizations turning away cash while others face great need. CNote’s technology solves that problem by dynamically flowing capital to community financial institutions that need it most, streamlining the process for both investors and credit unions.

“We believe credit unions are key to closing the wealth gap in the United States, and we are looking forward to connecting with these inspiring mission-driven institutions on multiple fronts,” said Catherine Berman, CEO of CNote. “I could not be more excited to create greater visibility and investment for credit unions and their members.”

Since its founding more than five years ago, CNote has driven more than $100 million to underserved communities across America, helping mission-driven financial institutions deliver on the promise of financial inclusion and equal access to economic opportunity. CNote charges no fees to participating credit unions and works directly with them to provide capital when it is needed, where it is needed, with maximum community impact. 

To learn more, credit unions can visit the website of CUNA Strategic Services.