Jayne Hitman and Paul Robert

PODCAST: Details win the deal

When it comes to member service, the genius is in the details.

July 15, 2021

A popular book on simplifying one’s life is titled, in part, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” This might be sound advice for decluttering one’s mind, but, when it comes to member service, the genius is in the details. 

In this episode of the CUNA News Podcast, our latest in a series focused on service culture, we explore how attention to detail makes service experiences meaningful for consumers. 

Jayne Hitman, national program manager for Creating Member Loyalty (CML), a development strategy program from CUNA focused on increasing employee engagement and the member experience, explains how sweating the details can elevate service from a common, everyday occurrence to an enhancement to members’ lives. 

Paul Robert, CEO of FI Strategies, a CML strategic partner, explains that better rates on loans and savings may help credit unions win the deal today, but attention to detail in your approach to service will win the deal tomorrow. 


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In this episode:

1:37: What “the small stuff” means

6:57: The difference between serving and service

8:49: Customer service stories

15:26: Example of the small stuff

22:32: Small stuff for credit unions

29:15: A training example