Ryan Donovan

Advocacy work brings about lasting policy changes

July 21, 2021

It’s as important as ever credit unions execute their 360-degree strategy to ensure credit unions remain in a position to improve their members’ financial well-being and advance the communities they serve, CUNA Chief Advocacy Officer Ryan Donovan wrote in CUInsight this week.

“Every single victory that our movement achieves comes about because we tell a complete story to policymakers, pairing statistical data with consumers’ lived experiences to demonstrate the difference credit unions make in communities across the country. This collaborative 360-degree work ensures we continue to stave off frivolous attacks from bankers, preserve our tax status, and continue to deliver for credit union members.

Donovan detailed several recent CUNA-League victories at the state federal level, and noted CUNA and Leagues continue to work on additional changes to help credit unios serve members better.

“As we continue to cope with the economic realities of the pandemic, to modernize in the face of ever-advancing technology, and to work with policymakers who appear more divided than ever before, it’s that 360-degree advocacy strategy that will make sure that our movement and mission endure,” he wrote.