CUNA Fiduciary Relationships eSchool addresses handling complex accounts

July 30, 2021

Fiduciary accounts often seem confusing, stressful and leave credit union staff with more questions than answers. CUNA Fiduciary Relationships eSchool will help operations, compliance, frontline and branch staff fully understand how these fiduciary relationships impact account set-up, forms, transaction processing and more.

“Handling complex accounts, including deceased accounts, trust accounts and estate accounts can get complicated when dealing with varied types of fiduciaries and beneficiaries of those funds,” said Jess MacLagan, instructional design manager for CUNA. “Frontline staff and compliance/operations staff need training to keep the importance of accuracy and compliance front of mind.”

This eSchool is designed to limit risk exposure at your credit union by improving the understanding of often-confusing legal and practical implications of fiduciary relationships. It includes four one-hour sessions beginning in late August and running through September 21. The eSchool is included in CUNA Training Bundle.

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