Credit Union Awareness initiative launches in Atlanta

August 16, 2021

Credit Union Awareness, LLC announced Monday that credit unions in Atlanta, Georgia are joining those from 26 other states in launching the Credit Union Awareness initiative. The campaign introduces consumers to a digital-first, targeted campaign, designed to overcome the long-held consumer beliefs about credit unions of “I can’t join” and “accessing my money may be hard.”

“Since launching the initiative in early 2019, consumer consideration has risen from 13% (2019) to 19% (Q2 2021). I’m excited to see this momentum continue to grow nationwide with the help of Atlanta credit unions,” said Chris Lorence, executive director of Credit Union Awareness, LLC. “Thank you to our newest contributors in Atlanta, and the League of Southeastern Credit Unions, for helping to open consumers’ eyes to the credit union difference.”

Credit Union Awareness has gained more than 1,100 supporting organizations, including six new contributors in the Atlanta area, with the expectation of expanding throughout the state soon. The campaign welcomes Atlanta Postal CU, Credit Union of Georgia, Coca-Cola FCU, Delta Community CU, Georgia’s Own CU, and LGE Community CU to the campaign. The campaign has launched in 27 states and is expected to launch in at least three other states in the upcoming months.

“We are excited that credit unions in the Atlanta region are now part of the continued expansion of Credit Union Awareness,” said Jared Ross, President of the League of Southeastern Credit Unions. “The launch of the paid digital campaign will no doubt raise consumer consideration so that over time we build market share.”

As of August 1, 2021, Credit Union Awareness has gained over 3.2 billion impressions and earned 1.05 billion video views since its inception. In addition, it has driven 8.13 million consumer visits to the campaign’s consumer-facing website promoting the benefits of joining a credit union.