Credit union foundations respond to Hurricane Ida, Calif. wildfires

August 31, 2021

Credit unions affected by the impact of Hurricane Ida in the south and the wildfires in California have several relief options available through national and state foundations.

The Louisiana Credit Union Foundation is preparing to issue cash grants to credit union employees affected by Hurricane Ida, and more information is available on its Hurricane Recovery Assistance webpage. Approximately 80 credit unions across the state are shut down, according to the League.

While Hurricane Ida was downgraded to a tropical storm early Monday, it knocked out a major electrical transmission tower along the Mississippi River, resulting in significant blackouts across the states that could last from three to seven weeks.  

An “extraordinary situation” proclamation has been made across at least five counties due to wildfires in California, and information on California and Nevada Credit Union League disaster preparedness can be found here.

CUAid grants administered by the National Credit Union Foundation — are available for credit union employees and board members to assist with immediate disaster relief needs, such as out-of-pocket costs that may result from being evacuated.

CUAid grant guidelines, the application process, disbursement details, and more information is available here, and the grant application can be found here.

Credit unions and staff interested in donating to CUAid to help credit union employees rebuild their lives after natural disasters strike can click here to do so.