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Cornerstone League launches new podcast

September 24, 2021

The Cornerstone League has announced the launch of a new podcast, The Cornerstone League Podcast, which aims to provide credit union professionals with resources to advance credit unions’ success across the Cornerstone region.

This podcast series is dedicated to topics at the heart of the credit union movement to help credit union professionals build a better tomorrow for their organization, members, and the communities they serve.

“Our hope is that this new platform can provide vital information to our members which can help guide credit union leaders in their everyday operations and in their short- and long-term goal setting,” said Cornerstone League Vice President of Marketing and Communications Sylvia Lawson. “Providing relevant and timely information to our members is part of the Cornerstone League’s value proposition and something in which we take great pride.”

In the inaugural episode, Cornerstone League President/CEO Caroline Willard and Executive Vice President/Chief Advocacy Officer Jim Phelps share stories of resilience and discuss Cornerstone’s advocacy wins for 2021.

“I have great hope that this podcast will continue to build our Cornerstone community, serve as a great resource to our members, and help shape the trajectory of our industry,” said Willard. “Our team works hard to ensure that our members are equipped with critical industry news and resources to help them thrive.”

Scheduled as a monthly podcast, the Cornerstone League Podcast guests will discuss legislation and regulation affecting the credit union industry, professional development opportunities, credit union resources, and emerging trends.

You can listen to Cornerstone League Podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.