Sheri Szemplinski & Arnessa Belin
Sheri Szemplinski (left) & Arnessa Belin

PODCAST Replay: Serving from the heart

Rock Stars Sheri Szemplinski and Arnessa Belin are committed to improving the lives of others.

October 21, 2021

Credit Union Rock Stars are typically known for their selflessness and dedication to others. Sheri Szemplinski and Arnessa Belin are no exceptions. 

Sheri Szemplinski, operations administrator for the business operations team in commercial banking at $2.3 billion asset CAP COM Federal Credit Union in Albany, N.Y., has committed her legacy to volunteer work, both at the credit union and in her personal life.

Arnessa Belin, call center supervisor at $28 billion asset BECU in Tukwila, Wash., has found that a career in cooperative financial services allows her to express herself while creating change within her workplace and community.

They’re among 31 credit union leaders named as 2021 Credit Union Rock Stars by Credit Union Magazine.

Sponsored by Fiserv, the Credit Union Rock Stars program recognizes outstanding credit union professionals and volunteers from a wide range of disciplines for their exceptional creativity, innovation, and passion.

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In this episode:

1:37: Sheri’s volunteer involvement at the credit union

2:45: Fostering dogs

4:00: Why volunteering is a priority for Sheri

4:30: Involvement with CAP COM’s diversity and inclusion group

5:19: Lessons from Sheri’s DEI work

6:11: Her role on the commercial banking team

7:18: Success in commercial banking

8:00: Sheri as a leader

9:03: Why Arnessa is a “disruptor for good”

10:00: Her work with BECU’s BIPOC group

11:00: Why mental health is important to inclusion

11:37: Arnessa’s mindfulness journey

13:07: How mindfulness improves the quality of work

14:02: How Arnessa keeps BECU call center employees motivated