Kara Yaquinta and Tansley Stearns
Kara Yaquinta (left) and Tansley Stearns

PODCAST: Engaging listeners

Rock Stars Tansley Stearns and Kara Yaquinta create credit union podcasts.

October 28, 2021

Credit Union Rock Stars elevate their credit unions’ voices in many ways. For Tansley Stearns and Kara Yaquinta, the podcast format offered a new and effective channel to reach audiences with messages of community leadership and financial well-being.

Stearns, chief people and strategy officer at Canvas Credit Union in Lone Tree, Colorado, collaborated with her team to create the credit union’s podcast, "In the Room with Todd Marksberry."

Yaquinta, digital growth strategist at Tropical Financial Credit Union in Miramar, Florida, launched and co-hosts the credit union’s "Get Beyond Money" podcast.

In this episode of the CUNA News Podcast, Stearns and Yaquinta explain the steps they took to start their podcasts, the expertise needed to produce engaging episodes, and the feedback they’ve received from listeners.

Stearns and Yaquinta are among 31 credit union leaders named as 2021 Credit Union Rock Stars by Credit Union Magazine.

Sponsored by Fiserv, the Credit Union Rock Stars program recognizes outstanding credit union professionals and volunteers from a wide range of disciplines for their exceptional creativity, innovation, and passion.

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In this episode:

1:43: The stories behind the shows

7:05: First steps in podcasting

11:05: Building a knowledge base

15:16: Responses from listeners

18:12: Advice for starting a podcast