Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill

Lender, commercial banking, Orlando Credit Union

November 4, 2021



While serving in the U.S. Army from 1978 until 1987, I was stationed at many bases, including Fort Meade, Maryland; Fort Lee, Virginia; and Fort Polk, Louisiana Abroad, I was stationed in Mainz, Germany; Baumholder, Germany; Crete, Greece; and Italy. I attended the Non-Commissioned Officers Academy in Baumholder, graduated as the Distinguished Honor Graduate, and stayed on for another six months as an instructor at the academy. 

I worked in supply and logistics and provided everything from beans to bullets for the units I was assigned to. I had the honor of working with combat engineers, air defense artillery, and infantry units. The soldiers I supported were the best of the best. It was an honor to support the men and women I had the privilege of working with and when I completed my military career, I was a staff sergeant in charge of the supply and logistics of the 5th Infantry Battalion at Fort Polk.

My military service taught me leadership, accountability, teamwork, and how to be a well-organized man with strong ethics and principals. I believe the skills and lessons I learned while in the U.S. Army are essential and relate to my role with Orlando Credit Union. Our desire to ensure our members’ current and future needs are taken care of is accomplished daily because of our leadership, accountability, and strong ethics to do the right thing for our members.

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