Nate Webb

Executive director, Oklahoma Credit Union Association

November 4, 2021



I am a Navy veteran and served during the height of the Cold War. The majority of my time was spent working crash and rescue on the flight deck of the USS Independence aircraft carrier. It was an interesting time to be in the military. 

Although Saigon had fallen by the time I enlisted, I am technically a Vietnam-era veteran. It was a time when public sentiment toward the military was not the best. I am so glad to see veterans and active-duty men and women now being treated with respect and appreciation for their service. People who have never served have no idea how much it means.

Perhaps the biggest impact my military background has on my career with the Oklahoma Credit Union Association is my heart for young men and women who might be away from home for the first time and have little or no idea how to handle their finances. I know I didn't. There is no shortage of predatory lenders waiting to take advantage of these young service members. Credit unions provide a great alternative support, and services such as financial counseling that can make all the difference.

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