Kentucky League introduces CU@WORK Youth Apprenticeship Program

December 14, 2021

The Kentucky Credit Union League has partnered with the Kentucky Education Workforce Development Cabinet to provide students a pathway into the financial services industry. 

The CU@WORK Youth Apprenticeship Program provides a learning pathway, utilizing on-the-job supervised training combined with specified coursework. Beginning January 2022, high school students at select high schools in Business Education pathways will be able to choose a Teller TRACK (Tech Ready Apprentices for Careers in Kentucky) which will lead to a nationally recognized apprenticeship certificate as a Teller

 The apprenticeship can begin during the student’s Junior year. Students will work at an actual credit union as a way to gain a qualification and begin a career while earning an entrylevel wage with opportunities for wage increases.

"A teller is the most important job of a credit union because the majority of a member's needs are fulfilled by a teller," said Andrew Barr, Credit Union Support & Engagement Officer at the Kentucky Credit Union League. "This certification is a good way of learning about the financial services industry and there are many career paths you can choose from this position such as lending, marketing, accounting, counseling, and IT.”

The CU@WORK Youth Apprenticeship Program will also allow credit unions to grow their team using local students that have a good foundation in business skills and an interest in the financial services industry. Apprentices become part of the credit union’s mission of “People Helping People.”

“We are so excited to have the opportunity to partner with the US Dept of Labor, Kentucky Office of Career and Technical Education, Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, Credit Unions, and Highschool Business Teachers on such a worthwhile program," said Kentucky Credit Union League President Debbie Painter. “While we love the chance to assist Credit Unions in recruiting and maintaining talent, the most exciting part of the program is introducing young people to the financial industry and opening the door to a career in Credit Unions."

There are currently four credit unions participating in the launch of the CU@WORK Youth Apprenticeship Program: Abound CU, C-Plant Federal CU, Expree CU, and Service One CU.