CUNA to hold board elections

CULAC confirms 2022-23 Board of Trustees

December 15, 2021

The Credit Union Legislative Action Council Executive Committee has confirmed new members on its Board of Trustees for two-year terms. CULAC is CUNA’s federal political action committee.

Patrick Conway, president/CEO of the CrossState Credit Union Association is the new chair.

The CULAC Board of Trustees serves as the governing body for CULAC and includes a representative from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The new members join members confirmed for 2021-22 last year.

The following nominees will serve on the CULAC board for 2022-23:

  • Geri LaChance, SESLOC FCU (Calif.)
  • Betsy Cole, Delaware Alliance FCU (Del.)
  • Gary Vien, Suncoast Credit Union (Fla.)
  • Robert Youngblood, Georgia’s Own CU (Ga.)
  • Alan Arai, Valley Isle Community Credit Union (Hawaii)
  • Todd Erickson, CapEd Credit Union (Idaho)
  • Peter Fauth, Financial Plus Credit Union (Ill.)
  • David Abernathy, Via Credit Union (Ind.)
  • Ron Smeltzer, Envista Credit Union (Kansas)
  • Eileen Danahey, St. Anne’s Credit Union of Fall River (Mass.)
  • H. Tucker Cole, Maine State Credit Union (Maine)
  • Dave Boden, Hiway Credit Union (Minn.)
  • Jason Peach, West Community Credit Union (M.)
  • Scott MacKnight, Triangle Credit Union (N.H.)
  • Winona Nava, Guadalupe Credit Union (N.M.)
  • Sue Longson, Boulder Dam Credit Union (Nev.)
  • Randall Sacilotto, Navigant Credit Union (R.I.)
  • Chad Moller, Dakotaland FCU (S.D.)
  • Sarah Waters, Tennessee Credit Union League (Tenn.)
  • David Courreges, University FCU (Texas)
  • Jean Giard, Vermont FCU (Vt.)
  • Mike Tucker, West Virginia Central FCU (W.V.)
  • Brian Rohrbacher, Atlantic City FCU (Wyo.)