Homer Renteria

Q&A with Homer Renteria

PSECU chief revenue and lending officer examines current opportunities, challenges.

February 18, 2022

As chief revenue and lending officer for $7.9 billion asset PSECU in Harrisburg, Pa., Homer Renteria provides leadership, strategic thinking, and pragmatic action to execute strategies related to lending and revenue generation. He addresses PSECU’s biggest revenue-related opportunities and challenges, and explains the importance of having fintech partnerships.

Credit Union Magazine: Tell us about your role as chief revenue and lending officer.

Homer Renteria: With revenue growth, my team focuses on implementing new lending and revenue sources while maintaining an acceptable level of risk. When it comes to lending activities, my focus is on making sure loan production, product development, and pricing provide sustainable returns to our member-owners.

Additionally, I serve as a key strategic advisor to the PSECU President/CEO George Rudolph and other senior leaders as a member of the executive team. In this capacity, I support the team’s efforts to develop long-term strategies and viable streams of revenue growth.

Q: What are your biggest revenue opportunities in the year ahead?

A: We’ve seen strong returns from our partnerships with fintechs and will look to continue expanding our loan originations through these collaborations.

Q: Do you have any new products and services on the horizon?

A: In late 2021, we introduced our new HELOC Plus product. We’ll be focusing on further promotion of this new offering and making sure our members and potential members are aware of the benefits it offers. For instance, our HELOC Plus allows members to lock in a fixed rate on advances made within a given month, giving them more control over their finances.

Q: What are the biggest revenue challenges you’re facing?

A: We’re not immune to the impact of the supply chain issues related to the automotive industry. This will likely continue to create challenges for our auto loan production. Additionally, cooling in the mortgage refinancing space, coupled with rising rates, will potentially reduce our overall mortgage production compared to 2021.

Some of our biggest lending opportunities come from our fintech relationships and loan participations. These allow us to supplement our existing direct and indirect lending efforts.

Q: Can you describe your approach to leadership?

A: When I think about leadership, six key components come to mind:

  1. Leading by example.
  2. Empowering my team members.
  3. Treating people fairly.
  4. Remaining approachable, including maintaining an open-door policy.
  5. Holding people accountable and recognizing achievements.
  6. Creating an environment of collaboration and participation.

Each of these pieces is essential in building a strong team and allowing everyone to perform at their highest level.

Q: Do you have any predictions for 2022?

A: I predict that in 2022, delinquencies and losses will begin to creep up toward pre-pandemic levels. 

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

A: Family is important to me. I love spending time with my wife and my two teenagers. We enjoy activities like boating and fishing. On an individual basis, I play guitar and like to golf when I get the opportunity.

Q: What’s your favorite movie or TV show?

A: I like a range of movies, but my favorites are “The Godfather,” “Christmas Vacation,” and “Office Space.” My all-time favorite TV show is “Seinfeld.”