2022 Credit Union Heroes

PODCAST Replay: Celebrate our heroes

Credit Union Magazine’s 2022 Credit Union Heroes advocate for their members and communities.

February 3, 2022

Credit Union Magazine’s 2022 Credit Union Heroes radiate credit union philosophy and demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to members and community service. 

This episode of the CUNA News Podcast shows how these leaders lift underserved populations, use their voices to advocate for those in need, elevate their communities, and form powerful partnerships.

The 2022 Credit Union Heroes are:

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Nominate a 2023 Credit Union Hero here. The deadline for nominations is Dec. 12.

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In this episode:

2:19: Marshall Boutwell shares what initiatives he is most proud of

7:40: Boutwell shares his credit union philosophy

9:40: Robyn Cousin describes how she uses her voice to help others

11:39: Cousin describes the summer of the George Floyd murder

14:30: How the credit union responded to the Floyd tragedy

18:14: Cheryl DeBoer and the credit union philosophy

20:25: How Advia’s CDFI status helps it serve local communities

23:15: The key priorities of Advia’s community foundation

25:10: Mary Ann Pusateri shares the roots of Partnership Financial

28:00: Pusateri's role in forming a women’s leadership group

31:45: Pusateri's advice for young credit union leaders