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CUNA Regulatory Compliance Certification School offers CUCE designation opportunity

February 23, 2022

CUNA Regulatory Compliance Certification School attendees have the opportunity to earn or recertify their Credit Union Compliance Expert (CUCE) designation while hearing from experts in credit union compliance.

“You will walk away with a great base for understanding the issues that face today's credit unions,” said past attendee Ruth Rickey, research analyst at Allegiance Credit Union.

At the April 24-29 school in Chicago or the September 25-30 school in Phoenix, attendees can tailor their schedule to their level of experience and their credit union’s needs.

“Historically, this is an excellent networking opportunity,” said Jess MacLagan, instructional design manager for CUNA. “Attendees often meet folks they stay in contact with for years, people they can check in with when they get stuck on a tough compliance challenge.” “Beyond the networking, the training and designation help send a clear signal to examiners that your credit union is taking its compliance training responsibilities seriously,” she added.

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